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“Picture your brain forming new connections as you meet the challenge and learn. Keep ongoing.” — Carol Dweck

Our Thoughts Define Us

Thoughts will determine a person’s behaviour. Our mindset will affect our character, habits, behaviour, and attitude, that strongly influenced by the belief system, value system, family values, education, and the environment. Therefore we must ensure that our mindset is only shaped and influenced by right and good values.

If we want to have a quality life, we must change our mindset to optimally develop our potential and talents.

Mindset is the essence of self-learning that determines how we view potential, intelligence, challenges…


This post will give a basic tutorial on how to using Docker. The topics that will be explained are:

  • What is Docker
  • Docker Architecture
  • Start using Docker (Guide to using basic commands)
  • Create Image using Dockerfile
  • Handle Image using Environment Variable
  • Integrate Container Networking
  • Manage Data in Docker
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Tools
  • Docker Cheat-sheet

This post will be pretty long, and I hope you will enjoy it, and feel free to give feedback to help me improve this tutorial.

Thanks, and enjoy it!

What Is Docker?

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Docker is a configuration management tool that is used to automate the deployment of software in lightweight…

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I’ve been using Medium for 2 years, and am only a reader here. Many people say Medium is “Youtube” for writers. It’s a good thing to have a platform for writers, and I find the posts on Medium quite interesting. I am grateful to every writer who wrote something that gave me new knowledge and encouragement. I am always amazed at these writers because in my opinion writing is something that is not easy for some people, especially for me, let alone being able to publish it. I still remember times when I tried to write my poetry and thoughts…

Purna Satria Nugraha

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