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“Picture your brain forming new connections as you meet the challenge and learn. Keep ongoing.” — Carol Dweck

Our Thoughts Define Us

Thoughts will determine a person’s behaviour. Our mindset will affect our character, habits, behaviour, and attitude, that strongly influenced by the belief system, value system, family values, education, and the environment. …


This post will give a basic tutorial on how to using Docker. The topics that will be explained are:

  • What is Docker
  • Docker Architecture
  • Start using Docker (Guide to using basic commands)
  • Create Image using Dockerfile
  • Handle Image using Environment Variable
  • Integrate Container Networking
  • Manage Data in Docker
  • Docker Compose

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I’ve been using Medium for 2 years, and am only a reader here. Many people say Medium is “Youtube” for writers. It’s a good thing to have a platform for writers, and I find the posts on Medium quite interesting. I am grateful to every writer who wrote something that…

Purna Satria Nugraha

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