Medium, Not to be a Writer, but to be able to Write

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I’ve been using Medium for 2 years, and am only a reader here. Many people say Medium is “Youtube” for writers. It’s a good thing to have a platform for writers, and I find the posts on Medium quite interesting. I am grateful to every writer who wrote something that gave me new knowledge and encouragement. I am always amazed at these writers because in my opinion writing is something that is not easy for some people, especially for me, let alone being able to publish it. I still remember times when I tried to write my poetry and thoughts on Tumblr and left my Tumblr page anonymous, I don’t know why, but I never promoted my page to friends or people closest to me, maybe some know about my writing on Tumblr, but I never asked for feedback or suggestions about my writing, and so I feel that my writing skills are not developing either. Maybe I was shy at the time or too introverted that I also didn’t have much to write about.

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Yeah, I am an introvert, and I believe I am not a good public speaking person, therefore I want to be able to write so that I can convey my thoughts. With this first post, I hope I can start writing again. Maybe my writing will not be something that can inspire, and be useful for others. I don’t expect to be a writer, I just want to be able to write with fun and courage, and I hope that Medium can be the medium to make it happen.

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Purna Satria Nugraha

Purna Satria Nugraha

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